Preserving family history and celebrating the lives of our ancestors ~ Remembrance Day

Following countless hours, perhaps years, of research to find our ancestors, how can we make sure the family tree and our fond memories of loved ones are passed down to future generations? With a family celebration of course ~ planning a celebration of life with a new family tradition based on the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos.

Prior to watching (and absolutely loving) the movie Coco, I admittedly knew little to nothing about Día de los Muertos. Since the foundation of the movie centered around family and ancestors, we were off to see it on opening night with the grandkids and minimal expectations. Surprisingly this movie is for kids of all ages and has been an inspiration to start a new family tradition.

The Day of the Dead celebration pays homage to the lives of loved ones who have passed with photo filled alters (ofrendas), marigolds as the traditional flower to honor the dead, monarch butterflies believed to hold the spirits of the departed and sugar skulls (calaveras) brightly painted as a reminder of the circle of life. Festivities include favorite food and drinks of the departed and visiting the cemetery with gifts left at their graves. Always embracing (or seizing) the moment, I feel the need to take a stab at making Bread of the Dead (Pan de Muerto) although I’m a bit leery based on my limited culinary skills but hey, why not?

Traditions and activities vary for this celebration of life and now we’re making our own, which hopefully will become a tradition in our family, with “Remembrance Day”. With four generations of family gathering to celebrate the lives of loved ones passed, including both our kids with spouses and all four grandchildren (my “Sweeties” ages 3-10). They’ve all seen Coco countless times over the past year and it is exceptionally well done with a focus on remembering and celebrating family who have passed. After trying to get everyone involved (and hopefully excited) my second Sweetie Kayla reminded me of our German Shepheard who passed away so our ofrenda will include beloved pets as well. Plans include visiting cemeteries, dinner with favorite dishes, a lot of storytelling and wrapping it up with watching the movie Coco again and a sing-a-long of “Remember Me’. 😇♡♥🦋

Getting together to reminisce of the past while making memories for the future~ Priceless

♪♫♬ Remember me, though I have to say goodbye … Remember me, Don't let it make you cry...For even if I'm far away I hold you in my heart… I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart…Until you’re in my arms again, Remember me ♪♫♬


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