Genealogy ~ Searching for a Silver Lining

During these unprecedented times, we are lucky to have genealogy as a silver lining to hopefully provide a temporary respite from the uncertainty that surrounds us. With safety as a first and foremost concern, what can we do until this health crisis is over?

While complying with requirements to stay at home, coming up with creative ways to keep busy and maintaining as much normalcy as possible is critical to overall health and well-being. Staying hopeful and positive is the best mental health medicine available in the coming days, weeks, or maybe even months.

The good news is, the dark clouds of social distancing will eventually pass. When they do, what accomplishments will we have to look back on? For those fortunate enough to be safely quarantined at home who are wondering how to stay positive and keep busy, now is the time for starting or expanding a family tree, researching to discover new ancestors, learning more about DNA testing, or organizing all those family files and photos that have been on the “to-do” list forever. There will never be a better time to reach out and call an elderly family member to say hello, check up on them, and ask about the family history. What about starting that Blog that you’ve thought about for so long but have never had the time for?

I am currently in the midst of a ProGen Study group (, focused on developing genealogical skills, in addition to being “On-the-Clock” to submit my application for certification to the Board for Certified Genealogists ( I am taking full advantage of staying at home to dive into upcoming assignments and completing requirements for genealogical research reports. I’m also looking into future genealogy courses; however, I am somewhat hesitant since while enrolled in the Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research course ( we had Hurricane Sandy and lost power for over a week, and now while in the ProGen class and BCG certification process, we have a global pandemic. To avoid another epic disaster, I may hold off 😊

Sending special thoughts and prayers to first responders and essential personnel on the front lines who only dream about wondering what to do to keep busy. Consider saying thank you with a random act of kindness, including genealogical research, if possible. We stand behind them and thank them as they lead the way to help end this historic event.

Be well, and stay safe as we all stick together while keeping apart. 🙏


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