Genealogy Research & Project Planning ~ Perfect Together ~

Whether considering a simple getaway to the beach or a trip around the world, planning ahead can make the all the difference between a smooth sailing adventure or a disappointing stormy voyage. While some folks are diligent planners (me), others may take a more impromptu approach and roll the dice to see where the road takes them. Winging it can be nice for a leisurely Sunday drive, but not for most genealogy research projects.

Research generally suggests a structured, perhaps formal, method of searching for something, or in our case most likely someone. Planning that research is the key step for avoiding obstacles to find the information you are searching for. Combining planning with research establishes a valuable process to create a direct roadmap to the information that will most likely answer the genealogical question at hand. This cohesive approach can provide guidance to avoid the consequences of wasted time, duplicate efforts and dead ends.

Planning does not need to be difficult or complex. It can be as simple as following a few basic steps of a genealogical research process that can be a guiding light to help find your “someone”.

The First Step ~ Develop a research question that specifically defines who (the subject), what (you are searching for), where (the location or area) and when (the time period).

We already know why 😊

Example: Who are the parents of Mary Ewald (Kelly) who lived in South Amboy, NJ in the 1900s?


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