Shining Light On Elusive Ancestors


Let's get started on your personal journey to find the long lost ancestors of yesterday who came together to create the unique story of You today.

Discovering our family history is a fantastic experience that provides a glimpse into the lives of the generations of people who have come before us and who continue to live on within us.

Their stories are our stories. Creating a connection is priceless!


Begin by taking a step back in time to reminisce of family memories, and stories passed down over the years by loved ones gone but never forgotten. Capture the nearly faded tales before they are lost, and be sure to keep in mind the old African proverb...



Plotting your genealogical course alone can be challenging, and now maybe the time to consider hiring a professional. You may be just starting out, or perhaps you've hit one of those brick walls that we've all run into and just need a fresh set of eyes to help you break through it. 


My goal is to shine a light on your elusive ancestors, to learn about their lives, share their stories, and help you keep their memory alive.


                              So let's start planning your historic family journey today!


"Every time an old person dies, a library burns to the ground" 

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